Model Project - In Italy - ART MONASTERY PROJECT

Here is a monastery themed project in Italy which is focuses mainly on art but has some great resources on its website.


thanks for sharing

cool! I see it’s an idea which was born in the US and prototyped… in Italy!

Noted the events: Artmonk retreats (seven day events  designed to train the mind, access deeper levels of personal and creative insight, and bring these insights  back to the world.) and Art Monastic Laboratories (invited artists come together to collaborate towards a pre-determined artistic goal). Perhaps it could also serve as inspiration to [katalin] :slight_smile:

PS took the liberty to move the post and asign it to the unMon group based on relevance, hope it’s ok with you.


Thanks, Noemi! I have actually got an idea :slight_smile: it now needs writing up.

BraveNewEarth The pilot

[BraveNewEarth] The pilot project in the South of Italy… again! Incredible. Not to say that Lecce is also candidate city to European Capital of Culture.

How did you get to know about the Art Monastery? I’m really looking forward to know more about your idea. 

I wonder what [Bembo] thinks about the Art Monastic Cycle!

Qi Gong, Breath, and Body Consciousness…

I could help here. If you wanted to do a 7 day cycle of daily practices.

Happy to.

As I have mentioned before, along the road so far I have noticed personal developments through a series of stages by which the self disidentifies with the world, with objects, with the body, and eventually with the personal subjective exeprience.

The above work helps and I’d be happy to facilitate during a visit to the unmonastery for a week or so.