Modify this group into the #lote4 event minisite

We need to create something like this plus a nice dashboard for collaboratively building the event.

A dashboard is just a number of task blocks visualised a certain way that you can join by clicking a button. @Matthias is building the blocks right now.

Partially done …

I started yesterday by bringing back the task manager and my tasks views, since they’re needed anyway for proper collaboration around tasks. Will add the special task blocks for the event organizing page today, which is a derivative to how the task manager is done.

Note that for creating a minisite, your main tool is the per-group menu now, where you can link dedicated wiki pages and blog posts of that group directly.


Dashboard done. Iteration 1 …

Ok @Nadia, finally finally here comes your event dashboard smiley I have added an example how to use one single task for one single event slot / track on the #LOTE4 group page. Creating more blocks like this works thus:

[Edit 2014-07-10: documentation updated and moved to wiki Organizing a conference with]

It is not possible with Drupal Views to have the (admittedly more user-friendly) alternative to display open positions for speakers automatically with an “+ You” dummy image that links to the task as well. If this is really desired, I could create a solution by coding a small custom module that modifies the currently provided view using hook_views_pre_render. But that takes me some time to get it right, so maybe we can at least test the current block for some time to see if it is usable at all for organizing an event, before perfecting it more with custom code …

And of course, just edit the Featured Task view yourself to adapt stuff like the rendered static text etc. to your liking.

Thank you! Any chance of a “join” button being inserted in there

Im trying to make the UI easier to use and at the same time make it clear for people what the next step is/how to engage. A “Join” button (add me to this task) is an established convention that saves us lines and lines of text explaining what to do. Can you get it in there?

Here it comes.

Ok @Nadia, that makes sense. So, I’ve added your “Join” button. (Can’t believe a simple button takes 1.5 hours in Drupal, but well, it’s Drupal.) Here’s the example again; when the user is not logged in, a text “(Log in to add yourself from here.)” appears instead.

I opted for the button text “Add me too!”, referring to the list of facilitators above; since I assume with “Join” people will get confused as to whether they would join as participants for the event slot, or as facilitators. But you can adapt it still if you want to, of course.

Replicate this for Futurespotters event?

Wow @Matthias this looks great, such an improvement for any ER event organisation!

For Futurespotters Tbilisi event we agreed to upload Events as program slots., so obviously I can’t use this view if I wanted to create a Program page/dashboard with blocks for each session. What is your advice for the easiest way to get to a Program page that is informative? Currently the events page contains not just conference slots, but anything listed on ER (community calls, meetups everywhere etc) and it’s hard to find a session that was listed weeks ago…

I see that Events can be converted into Tasks, should I try to do that and build a program page using your new view “Task as Event slot”?

Solution for you, works now, but not pretty yet …

@Noemi , so here’s the solution we talked about today: list of event based on a tag, at How to work with it:

  • You can edit the whole futurespotters-event-sessions page to add text blocks etc. by clicking "Customize this page" as usual.
  • To add something to this list, edit the event and add the Topic futurespotters-session to it in the top right form field.
  • To control the position in the list, you can edit an event and mark it as "Featured" in the "Publishing options" section. It will then appear at the top of the list (together with the other featured events) at first, but users can also select to sort only by date afterwards.
  • To control the length of text shown in this preview, you can edit the event and click "Edit summary" above its Description field. (If no summary is provided, the first 400 characters are taken, but as this can also contain images, videos, formatting etc. it leads to quite a mess in the events list.)

Will do some prettifying of this tomorrow (showing the logo bigger, the text next to it, the date above it, and a box around all this).

The sitewide events list at also profits from the above changes – in fact, I just extended that one. So maybe we should simply go through all events and provide proper summaries to make everything look pretty in the events lists :slight_smile:

P.S.: I noticed that using tasks for assigning event speakers was not a good idea. I should have used events, making the “Add me too!” button add the user as an event organizer. Because there are two separate fields: an event can have multiple organizers and multiple attendants. Will modify this again … but then, it seems, the event organization toolbox is coming together a bit more :slight_smile:

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That was fast :slight_smile: I added the summaries and tried to fix formatting but as you can see some texts appear larger than others, although html settings are the same…!

Fixed formatting.

Fixed – HTML settings looked the same in the editor, but were not (copy & paste issue). So I had to select the summary text and use the “Remove Format” tool (that TX button in the editor toolbar). You couldn’t see the HTML formatting issue because there was no “Switch to plain text editor” link for the summary – I added a “Source” button to the editor toolbar to fix that too (it’s only visible when choosing “Text format: Full HTML” to not confuse everyone else).


Ok, I have worked on the remaining issues and both the Futurespotters Event Sessions list and general Edgeryders Events list should look ok now. Remember that you can add a text block with an intro to the top of the Futurespotters Event Sessions list, and other blocks if you like. Tell me if there’s any issue left. Cheers! smiley


Indeed, it looks better, thanks so much!

From my end, I decided to take a shot at a Futurespotters event minisite, based on the model of Lote3 old site and using the group menu & “lote4menu” css which I tracked down based on your updates on this thread :slight_smile: Thanks!

And I’m trying to put up a page with overview of the program (Agenda (work in progress)) based on the “Events - landing page pane” you also used for Event sessions : /t/futurespotters-event/410-sessions but it doesn’t seem to work. Can’t tell if it’s the panelizer acting up of if I’m doing something wrong?

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Great work with the minisite and CSS, it seems all right! You should be a bit proud now :slight_smile: Our cleanest and clearest event organization space on so far!

About the issue you had with Panelizer, I got it fixed – “Agenda (Work in Progress)” works as intended now. Had the same issue of using that Landing page pane in a group yesterday, and used a groupless Drupal template page as a workaround. But found the issue now: the group ID was automatically handed to the view as well (which seems to me a bug in Panelizer! gotta report it) and triggered another filter that I had put there as well. So it was trying to list events with both the taxonomy term and being in this new group, of which there were zero.

Last thing missing would be an “I want to come too! Add me please!” button on the “Registration” page, maybe?


LoL thanks for the kudos, I was just about to apologise if I messed something up.

The good think about me not knowing how to create new functionalities or write code is that I can only rely on what’s been done. So I tried following footprints rather than footsteps, or smth.

Re: registration - Sure, if we could put a button with automatic Sign me up! it would be great - if you point me to smth I might do it myself… can’t promise I will be able though. That and some other pages and minisite copy needs to be improved and changed, I’ll be putting in more hours this weekend.  Any ideas most welcome…

PS Days like these remind me of when I should’ve been a programmer  - used to have 8 hrs of CS per week in highschool - but backed up at the last minute for social sciences :expressionless:

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For registration, would it be sufficient to have the main event node rendered as a page in this group? It would have the “Register” button on it and would come with the event description, so you wouldn’t need to duplicate it. I think one can insert existing nodes directly with Panelizer, but haven’t done so before.

But maybe you want more flexibility, so just the button itself? In that case, a simple solution would be a pane similar to the “Landing page pane” for the event list, but this time listing just one event (using an added contextual filter by node ID, passed in as parameter … see “Argument input” in the view creation dialog). And creating a new display mode for the event content type that displays nothing … that will display just the button, as this is added by Drupal Commons PHP code. This solution may seem hackish (and is so), but the benefit is, it gives us the number of attendants below the button and other benefits of the Drupal Commons in-code solution. That would not be possible easily with the alternative that I used in the “signing up for tasks” block discussed above.

P.S. It’s never too late to start some programming :slight_smile: And following footprints is the best thing ever to do in programming, since nearly every problem has been solved before. I do that all the time … copy & paste an error message to Google … searching for answers on  Stackoverflow … looking through other people’s code. I thought lately about organizing a kind of Drupal trash cleanup day here on … the virtual variant of what @Auli does, we’ll call it “Let’s Do It Drupal” :stuck_out_tongue: It would be about learning the Drupal backend better as much as about cleaning it. Right on the live site, but with proper backups before. Maybe 5 people in parallel, working on 50 tasks, with a hangout and screensharing. You think that could be fun for you / others?

Let’s do it Edgeryders

@Matthias, this is a great idea. Let’s talk it out in Tbilisi.

@Noemi congratulations, I’m impressed too. See? The Drupal admin interface thing is contagious after all. Time for you to re-read this post and give yourself a pat on the back and a welcome into the Civic Hacker Underdogs Club (not real hackers, but slowly building up basic skills to do simple things), that I am a member of since time immemorial. Also one for @elf Pavlik, in the context of our interoperability discussion, and of course for Matt himself.

Second option: just the Attend button

@Matthias hi! So I created the new pane and set the argument like you said:

But I need to create the new display with only the button, how do I do that?


Yep, how you added the “Content: Nid” contextual filter and made it a Pane parameter was correct :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I told you something wrong about adding view modes to node types. That was not possible outta the box (I surprised myself). I had to install a module entity_view_mode, and with it created the view mode Attend button for Event. If you need another view mode some time, now you can create it here.

So I added your Attend Button pane to the Registration page to see what happens. Unfortunately it also displays the event title, not just the button (both are added in code). We can leave it like that, or use the display:none CSS property on the title element as a hack to fix it (via CSS Injector). You tell me.

So for now we can be quite happy with what we have :slight_smile: In the long run, the CSS hack is not pretty and it seems to me now that the cleanest way to implement the Attend button would be a small custom PHP module. (Using Rules and Rules Links would also work as seen with the “Join Task” button above, but in most cases is rather hackish, too.)

It’s fine le’ts just leave it at that.


great work guys, looking really good

Thank you! It looks really good! Now we don’t have to mess with wordpress mini event sites ever again. WOOP WOOP!