Moneyless city taxes in Italy!

New regulations introduced by the Italian government (full text, in Italian. Beware: it is very long and deals with all kinds of crisis-fighting measures, not just this one bit) allow local authorities to reduce local taxes to citizen who volunteer in civic activities. The small town of Massarosa, in Tuscany, has leapt into action (source, in Italian): citizens have been invited to sign up for tasks like trimming edges, mowing lawns in public parks, painting walls in the local sports centers and walk children to school. Those who do serve will enjoy cuts in their local tax bills. Moneyless taxes! Forget about Greece, Italy is the place to be for government-led innovation.

The mayor of Massarosa guarantees that nothing bad will happen to the companies that are performing those tasks now. This, I have to say, is not completely convincing.


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