More great results on engagement in the POPREBEL conversation

Big congratulations to the POPREBEL team, especially @nadia, @noemi and @natalia_skoczylas, for successfully onboarding over 150 participants to the online conversation, which now consists of over 1,000 posts. As of today, the numbers are as follows:

  • 154 contributors
  • 230 topics
  • 1,007 posts, with 240K words

The ethnographers are hard at work coding, and have so far produced 669 annotations with 384 codes.
The social network of interactions looks like this:

As usual, there are about a dozen people with no connections. But other than that, everything is going quite well, so congratulations to the team!


This is amazing! we did half of the 3-year target in 8 months :slight_smile: Very glad to hear it, and yes, I still have to connect some of the lose ends, I was just swamped with other work - will take care of it in the coming weeks for sure. Nobody will be lose by the end of this year :slight_smile:



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I believe the big node in the upper right side is Natalia. But I’m curious where @Pepe, @jasen_lakic and @Jirka_Kocian are. They are important nodes and well connected for sure!

Does this help?

This is @Pepe. The bright nodes within the pale circle are the ones directly connected to him.

And this is @Jirka_Kocian:

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An update from my side, I have responded to all posts from 2019 that did not have any connection, so the chart should look different now - although I also signed up approx 30 new members on the platform whose registration forms will need some new approach and strategy on how to keep them engaged in the following year, and some of these members have no responses yet. I guess that will depend now on the Polish community manager.

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