More on The Reef

  • Between 20 and 30 residential units. A group of people small enough for friendship but large enough for privacy and economies of scale.
  • A meeting place open to all sorts of activities.
  • Proud to be Bruxellois·es. Our lingua franca is English. We also speak een mix van toutes les langues del mundo, flavored with a sense of humour that keeps the dikkeneks away.
  • Diverse. People from different ages, backgrounds, spiritual views, …
  • Inclusive. A number of units will be rented to socially vulnerable people (people with a low income, a disability, refugees, elderly people etc).
  • A self-managed community. Making decisions together, hearing everyone’s voice while still being fast and effective.
  • Open source, transparent and in service to others. All our correspondence and documentation can be found online.
  • Beauty and joy. Everything that is worth doing is worth being done beautifully and while having fun.

A (much) longer description of how we envision The Reef, including the process to build it, can be downloaded here.

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