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He’s an interesting case study.

I met recently Amine Mouktamil, 35 yo, president of the moroccan association of extreme sports. He’s doing an amazing work ! Looking for homeless youth and learn them how to skate, roller, to ride, surf, etc… even courses of english and design are given, all for free. He also receive everyday dozens of children from different associations and share his knowledge for free. He aim to save them from the street and push them to stay in scool by learning them discipline and self-estim, all through extreme sport. Because to perform well in those sports, you have to struggle, but then you enjoy unique sensations. That’s the same for life.

This experience have known a great success, and youth are now more n more interested in extreme sport. But they still need help and encouragement because they do everything by themselves.

You’ll find attached his answers to my questions, that will let you know more about his story.


file_fid:14300 - Interview with Amine Mouktamil

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Sounds like a ride up Anna’s street :slight_smile:

@Iriedawta know about this crowd?

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Sure thing!

These guys are my hubby’s colleagues in Casablanca. Norddine does the same in the High Atlas mountains. Good start @Driss, way to go!

Sorry for the delay in publishing your case study(@Nadia I interviewed @Driss and he is going to interview me next) but things got hectic here in Yerevan. Will be done by tomorrow, promised!

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Driss can you copy the contents of the attachment into a wiki?

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