Mostdam Incubation Progam

A. Description
The incubator is called (Mostadam) as we are seeking to generate sustainable startups from our incubator.
Also, we need them to be aware of the SDGs 2030 and come up with creative solutions that support in solving world problems.
The incubator serving directly the goal number 8 in the SDGs for (decent work and economic growth)as we want to create new job opportunities in the labor market in Alexandria so youth do not have to go Cairo to start their businesses or find the dream job.
1- Generate Sustainable startups.
2- SDGs awareness.
3- Bring Potential Alexandrian Entrepreneurs to the ecosystem.
4- Achieve Economic Growth.
5- Build new the market.
B. Proposed Program
it will last for 2 months from 1 January to the end of February
D. Organization Name (Flux Coworking SPace - Flux Hub)
C. Organizers Team

  • Ahmad Rohoma - Managing Director
  • Hanan Dwedar - Assistant
  • Ola Mohamed - Admin
  • Khalid Kopra - Finance
  • Noha Abo El-Gheit - Event Coordinator
  • Mahmoud khater - Project Manager
    Venue: Flux Coworking Space & Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Hello @AhmadRohoma thank you for sharing with us your project proposal tha call was open mainly for an event proposal .
Please check the peer to peer incubator we are launching in MENA
You can apply via this link
Please let me know if you need further details :slight_smile: