Moving in to OpenVillage House Sidi Kaouki



Hello from the House. @hazem and me are here since a few days now. Still setting up some things (and needing to buy some more foodstuffs :laughing:) but it’s all looking good so far. It’s a quiet place, at most times you hear the ocean and nothing else.

Activities of OpenVillage Academy are scheduled to start end of January when the first other participants come in. We’ll publish the full calendar in a day or two (it’s nearly ready). In lieu of activities, I’ll just show you the house and surroundings for now.

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First real breakfast, except that it was around noon. On the terrace of “our” House.

Second real breakfast, except that it was around noon. “Our” House in the back.

500 m from the House, on the way to Sidi Kaouki.

1000 m from the House, on the way to Sidi Kaouki.

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Oh this is amazing!! Also, it seems you’re the only people in a few sq km :PP


this is spectacular.


Guess what I enjoy the most here :laughing:


Fabulous and energetic place !


Love it :heart_eyes: thanks for sharing with us this amazing photos


[Packs his bags and books ticket]



Thinking about those April dates…


Amazing place ! This seems really tempting :heart_eyes:


wonderfull place !! good job guys :heart_eyes: i’d like to join you …


More picture updates. (In other news, we have a House manual wiki now.)

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Quiet evening over here :blush:

More quietness. But we’re not alone. There are two more people in the picture … still …

But also, this. The trash disposal problem. Also available in full 360° glory.

There is so much trash in this empty plot, it seems people are using it almost as a trash dump for household waste. The beach also has a lot of plastic (that I avoid in the pictures of course). Mostly old and very old plastic though, so after a thorough cleanup it should be like new for quite some time :slight_smile:

We’ll see how we can be useful for this place regarding the trash issue. Had an idea for a beach cleaning autonomous robot today, but developing that will have to wait a bit (even though it would also be a nice business opportunity for a company here in Morocco). For now, we’ll try to get in touch with the association here in Sidi Kaouki caring about waste management etc. and see how we can be of help.

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Beautiful… and heartbreaking about the plastic.

The autonomous cleaning robot is a great idea. I can see @nadia scaring some megacorp into funding the production of a few hundred cleaner robot construction kits to give away to kids in coastal areas in Africa. Give them a workshop of robot building, let them build the bot and let it loose on the beach.

(You still need to transport and dispose of the plastic. Which is not trivial at all if you are going to do it right)



اريد الحضور


“The Internet is important, let’s go up there and fix it.”

And then we find this photovoltaics panel that is no longer connected (the one at the bottom). We’ll ask, hopefully we can use it for some demos / experiments / education.


5 days to go, and I’m in.
Can’t wait. :slight_smile: