Moving the code for the tools under Edgeryders github

Hi, I think it would make a lot of sense to have the code for the tools (Graphryder, Edgesense) live under the edgeryders organization in github.

Currently the latest versions of the code are

@alberto if you add me to the edgeryders organization ( Edgeryders · GitHub ) I can do move the code under that and update the other repos (specially the Edgesense one) to have a reference to the home

let me know what you think @matthias @nadia @alberto


Agreed. I would welcome that change.

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Agreed too. Invitation to the org sent.

I read this morning that Microsoft is acquiring GitHub. Not sure what that will mean…

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That’s confirmed ( Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers - The Official Microsoft Blog ) anyhow I don’t feel it should change the strategy of where to host the code publicly unless there’s some clear change in the way github is managed … or if Edgeryders is against the new owners

graphryder has been moved to its new home: GitHub - edgeryders/graphryder-dashboard: Frontend of Graphryder, a software for semantic social network analysis.

for edgesense I’m undecided:

  • if we move the repo and replace the old one with a message we risk making urls around the net invalid (and there are some, given that it’s an older project)
  • if we clone the repo, we’d lose the issues (the issues and their story would remain under wikitalia)

probably the best course of action is to: move the repo (moving the issues with it) + clone back to wikitalia to preserve the links (and add a message that the development going forward will be the edgeryders repo)

I agree, if by “clone” you mean “fork”. That will make the connection between the “authoritative” ad derived repos apparent on Github. (I think in the Github context, “cloning” is a term rather used for making a deep copy of a repository without preserving the link to the original. So when looking at such a repo on Github, there would not be a note saying “forked from …”.)

yep you are correct, I meant ‘forking’

I have moved also edgesense from Wikitalia to Edgeryders,

I haven’t forked the code back to Wikitalia since it seems that github takes care of redirecting the repos and the old site is kept active.

e.g. if you go to GitHub - edgeryders/edgesense: Making sense of online conversations as networks you get redirected to GitHub - edgeryders/edgesense: Making sense of online conversations as networks and the old static site is still active: Edgesense - Online conversations as networks

I think we are good as it is @matthias @alberto



@luca_mearelli I have been putting my issues in this repo… not sure if you have seen them? Maybe you do not get notifs anymore.

yep I’ve seen the notifs today, will answer tomorrow morning!