MozFest in London

Hi, is anyone going or planning to go to MozFest this year?
The call for submissions of sessions ideas is out: Mozilla Festival - Call For Proposals
(deadline is 1 August).


Maybe @pbihr

Yeah, I’ve been looking at this and might go.

Ah yes, thanks for the pointer. I’ll most likely be there. I was a Mozilla fellow until a few months ago, so I think I’ll go do something around the Trustable Technology Mark, or something along those lines. Need to have a good think!

just a quick heads-up: I am actually at MozFest this weekend, you can usually find me up on the 8th floor at the polypoly table. Look for the bearded green haired dude in suit and bowtie.


Hello! Out of interest, did any Edgeryders meet up there in the end? :slight_smile: