Multi-platform posting via Edgeryders

Hi, So we are in Matera and while the others are doing the unMonastery workshop I thought i’d collect some thoughts I’ve been having about improvements to the site. They have to do with the difficulties of maintaining multiple web spaces

One of the issues or barriers to using the Edgeryders platform is not wanting yet another site/blog to keep up to date. The unMonastery is an example; Ben set up a website for the project, with a blog. They are updating the unMonastery group here on the Edgeryders site, but the blog on the unMonastery microsite is not being maintained. Keeping Edgeryders up to date across all the different spaces is a similar challenge.

  • Solution is to get Edgeryders into Composer? I am experimenting with a software as service called The idea is you update all your social media accounts from one interface. I have set up an Edgeyders account and so far I have linked it to the Edgeryders Facebook Account, Edgeryders Facebook Page, Edgeryders Twitter Account and Edgeryders LinkedIn account. I would like to get the Edgeryders platform into the list of services that Composer updates. If it works well it would be great to be able to embed Composer functionalities into an Edgeryders personal dashboard/ mobile app/ browser plugin further down the line.

I hate inventing titles :stuck_out_tongue:

For making yours and Noemi’s job simpler, or something similar would be a great tool. Agreed. And if someone has their project here on, it would be nice to offer some tools so that new posts etc. can automatically be showcased on their Twitter and so on. We probably can find some Drupal modules for this.

But what we should avoid is creating duplicate content (search engines don’t like it either). IMHO, content on the web should have one home and many links. Showcasing on social media counts as links. Some people will want to take our “project hosting for social change projects” offer and make the “home on the web” for their project (I did with Economy App). Others like unMonastery will have their own home on the web, and will like to link / showcase their activity on That is what’s missing here, then: a kind of “status update” feature for the newsfeed. Noted!

Agreed. the question is how to do the opposite?

I would like to wean us all off the facebook group to having the conversations in the Edgeryders platform. People post on FB and I guess it’s the easiest noticeboard. Would be great if we could scrapes posts from FB groups and twitter streams with edgeryders into the Edgeryders platform where they could be linked to and commented.