Multiple hashtags are a bad idea

I noticed that [Noemi]'s styled program (great work, by the way!) lists different hashtags, almost one per session.

Multiple hashtags are a bad idea.

  1. Hashtags are there to aggregate. So is LOTE3 itself. By having different hashtags, you fragment the community: people following \#mysession are not going to serendipitously stumble across a good point or an interesting people posting under \#yoursession. Nobody is going to keep ten windows (or columns, depending on what app you use to access the Twitter API) open on ten different hashtags. A common hashtag weaves a thread across different sessions and different rooms, and lends more coherence to LOTE3.
  2. Hashtags cumulate media impact. We like to be trending topics; and if we fragment out the tweets across different hashtags we are not going to reach that for lack of critical mass.

So, I strongly suggest we dismiss all hashtags save lote3. Agreed?

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Ok can you delete them then?


Didn’t feel strongly about that anyway.

What about mt2019?

So if we stumble upon interesting stuff going on at the LOTE3 we will simply RT it adding @Matera2019, right?