Municipal Innovation For the Community-Covid 19

Municipalities are already dealing with many challenges in normal times. Due to Covid 19 crisis, new challenges appeared for the first time and old ones were amplified.

As our mission is to support municipalities through new technology and innovation integration, we came out with a new program that is composed of the following phases:

  1. A mapping of the civil society initiatives developed for the benefit of municipalities before the COVID 19 crisis and mapping of the different initiatives developed by startups and civil society during the COVID 19 crisis.

  2. Participatory prioritisation workshops of COVID-19 challenges limited to the selected municipalities.

  3. A series of webinars to exchange experiences, to showcase the solutions adopted by municipalities and share good practices followed by a hackathon in which we invite all the initiatives collected in the first phase to customize their solutions to the specific municipalities challenges.

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Ramadan Kareem Ahmad

nice to hear from you, hope all is well.

I don’t know if you have seen this? Reorganising the provision of goods & services to secure material basis of livelihoods. Focus Healthcare

Perhaps this is something you would like to collaborate with? i think it would be very interesting to hear about the experiences from some municipalities.