My Festval Registration - response by Hadir Boutabba

(Instructions: )

Name of the event: Hack 4 Environment Medenine

Question 1/3: Who’s talking? Ask the person who is speaking right now what their name is, and if they already have an edgeryders account?

  • Hadir Boutabba
  • Yes I have

Question 2/3: Notes. What is the person who is speaking saying? - please try to write every word - sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

  • Being a new social activist includes taking part in a lot of events, and being a Computer Science student that means I have to not only find the opportunities to develop ideas, but also to create these opportunities and take action.

Question 3/3: Reflection. Take a minute to think about what has been said. What are your own thoughts about it - anything that you find especially interesting? Perhaps there is something you would like to explore more during the rest of the workshop?

  • The workshops that will be organized are so interesting, the subject of the hackathon is a big deal too.
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