My first Workshop at Icecairo

first of all let me thank you guys for this amazing workshop. then i feel that the workshop gave me the chance to structure my thoughts and ideas. i really learnt that I have to calm down and to understand what I should do and then go and do it. However i feel that i lost alot as i was not able t attend the second part of the workshop.

Online collaboration keeps on in the next weeks

Hi Fayez,

Welcome on board, I’m Noemi member in the community and Nadia’s colleague for 3 years now. don’t worry about missing on stuff, the truth is the workshops are an opportunity to get to know each other and lay the foundation for working together. We use Edgeryders online space to share ideas, agree on weak spots that need to be fixed to make it better for us and those around, and figure out ways where we can coordinate the work ahead, make a difference in a way. If you edit your post by giving more details about your personal challenges we might hook you up with examples of how others are trying to address them. Looking forward to read you!