My Future and my children's future

My philosophy is “never stop learning”. 

I think that every day i can learn something, it depends on how much effort we put into doing things. 

In my work, in my family, in every activity of my life i think that is very important and interesting to affront new challenges.

I’m enthusiastic dreams developer and i’m interested about mobile technology.

I have two children, one daughter and one son. The parent is the most difficult work, i have to think on my future but also on future of my children and perhaps of my grandchildren.

So, everyday i and my wife ask to us what is the most important thing that we have to leave to our children: i answer “Never Stop Learning”.

What sort of things do you like to learn?

It’s a good philosophy, which probably keeps you in a humble attitude towards life, because we never finish learning. Those who think they are experts in something, and that they are convinced they know everything there is to know, are in serious danger of losing their senses.

Children spend their time learning, often through play. They do in joy and lightheartedness.

What sort of things do you like to learn? What are you most passionate about?

How to you learn? By yourself? Through books? Internet? University classes?

My interest

My principal interest is about information tecnology. I’m web and mobile developer, so i’m investing all my time to learn new code and new things about cloud computing and web development. I’m also attracted on interaction between new kinds of works and the old artisans.

There are different channels to learn new things: Internet about new media, my children about digital natives, my friends and my original family on their old works.

I’m interesting on particular book author, now i’m reading The Craftsman (Richard Sennet).

So i choose the different source of knowledge for specific questions.

And now Edgeryders for interaction beetwen the peoples.

Thans, for your comment.


Explore furthermore benefits of being involved in craftsmanship

Humm, I asked you what sort of things you like to learn, because I suspected - I made the hypothesis - that someone so prone to learning must be very curious, and also a good observer.

Of course, if you work in the area of information technology, your main interest will lie there.

But you talk about your children, you care about the legacy you are building not only for one generation, but further generations. So this means - another hypothesis - that you care about values a lot. Your legacy isn’t just about giving your children money when you die.

So I suspected that there was a much deeper layer in you, that you might not necessarily yell on rooftops, or you might not even be aware of how rich your inner world really is.

Richard Sennett’s previous book was “The Conscience of the Eye”. He is a professional sociologist-philosopher.  I haven’t read his books (you inspire me to read them). From what I understand from the book reviews, Sennett seems to be arguing that while we are working, submerged processes of thought and feeling are in progress. Doing our own work well would enable us to imagine larger categories of “good” in general, according to Sennett.

That is interesting… Being dedicated to one’s work would lead to become enlightened? (according to Sennett). We can make a link between Sennett’s views of finding happiness in work, and the statistics of disengaged workers, causing considerable losses to the global economy.

Can the craftsman’s lifestyle and philosophy help us - as a society - to regain happiness and well being?

I invite you to read Nadia’s mission report about practical resilience, Get in touch with Darren He suggested: “I think that by being involved in the production process you get to appreciate more fully the effort/energy involved in the production and therefor are likely to value what is made more.  The ideas I explored in my mission ‘community agriculture’ are influenced by this thought.  I could see similar benefits by having similar structures for production of things other than food.”   It would be interesting to see a discussion between you and Darren in Nadia’s mission report about being involved in craftsmanship…  Or even better, post a new mission report about the benefits of being involved in craftsmanship, and ping Darren on his Edgeryders page to come discuss with you there?