My Journey So Far

I graduated as a civil engineer in 2014; majoring in environmental engineering. Thereafter, used the findings of my BSc thesis to implement a water treatment project in rural Bangladesh - one which drew national media attention, making me and my team overnight celebrities. In 2015, I completed my training of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps under Fmr. US Vice President and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore, and since started working as a Climate Leader; presenting hard facts and evidences on climate change in various national and international forums. Later that year, I started working as a researcher at the Institute of Water & Flood Management, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in a multinational collaborative research project (ESPA Deltas Project), which focuses on the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta - the largest river delta in the world. In August 2015, I was invited to work as a youth coordinator for the 4th Asia Youth Summit held in Japan. Apart from having numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications, I have also written many newspaper and blog articles, and made the occasional appearance in national television. I have also conducted seven workshops in rural Bangladesh as a part of the research project I am working on. On October 2016, I was awarded my MSc degree in Water Resources Development. And most recently, I participated in the Youth Global Forum 2016 in Indonesia.

This maybe a summary, however I believe I have many stories to share, especially from Bangladesh - a land of hope and dreams.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome @Mashrekur_Rahman! We have a common friend in Natalia, as I am a longtime community member here on edgeryders and reading with interest about the Youth Global Forum and people’s stories.

If you’d like to connect with some people or topics in particular, do let me know. Edgeryders is spread all over and some quick finds might not be so easy to get for a newcomer… I’m more than happy to assist though.

Thank you!

Dear Noemi,

Thank you so much. I would very much like your assistance to get accustomed with the norms here. And it is very nice to have Natalia as a mutual friend; she is awesome.

Future Makers in Nepal

Gladly. If you’re looking to connect with people in Nepal, in Kathmandu but also around, we have a group called Future Makers which Natalia and Matthias were helping raise as an action based collaboratory - it started as a collection of grassroots responses in the earthquake aftermath and is now taking a spin as an incubator of small social businesses. @Matthias do we have a public writeup somewhere about the coffee business?

There is a major conversation going on right now about health and social care, with many edgeryders members experiences with novel community services meeting needs which medical or social security systems fail to. Incidentally, one of the stories (which you might be interested in!) is about protecting the Bagmati river through artistic and cultural explorations, and other collective cleanup mobilizations. You can get in touch with Alberto Rey and his team here.

Hello guys, I hope you are doing fine. So glad to know that there are like minded people around the world who sre willing to make a change. <3

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Hello @iffat_e_faria. Yes, Together we can learn and share our ideas and contribute for positive change.