My life

  •  Problem Solving I like to resolve the problems that appear in time.
  • Languages Known English, French and Italian
  • Computer skills

    Computer Skills

2. I think the necessary skills for managing my life are
  • good planification and organisation of my time and budget
  • to be able to speak a foreign language,
  • the capacity of adaptation in another country, city etc.,
  • sociability,
  • computer skills.
3. The good planification and organisation of my time and budget I learned myself through the years of my existence;

in the years of study at general school, high school and university I have learned english and france and in my trips to Italy I have also learned italian.

Well being in a another country I have learned to adapt to various cultures, situations.

Computer skills I have learned them in high school and in my university.

What would you ask another person?

Hi Alexandru,

this is interesting, several people including Tamara have mentioned English as a key skill. She also meant internet-using skills. Are those the computer skills you had in mind or different ones- what do you mean by this?

Internet skills

I mean with internet skills they come very handy when you are seaching for an information very fast, it is

digital era now. I thinked at my own way of using the internet and the pc.

Rg skills

Hi all,

I’ve read Alexandru’s, but also Tamara’s reports. English and Internet-use skills really seem to be the key-skills. Eventhough they look to be so obvious (since we are here on this platform, accessed via Internet and discussing in English), a lot of young people still struggle with this and we, who possess those skills clearly have an advantage over them.

There is a long list of skills that one can benefit from in his private and work life, but here are two I realised are quite important for me and for people I work with: ability to work by yourself and ability to work in teams. What do you think?

Different type of skills

Hi all,

I really agree with Liudmila when she says that  “There is a long list of skills that one can benefit from in his private and work life”. In fact, the ability to work in teams for exemple is something which a book can’t teach you. You have to gain this ability by doing this. From my point of view, beeing involved in lots of extra-curricula activities during studies years is very very important, because you can work with other people from you age and make a precious exchange of information.

Then, don’t you think that in a very globalised world like this one, english and internet skills aren’t enough anymore? I think that we should try to learn rare languages, like chinese or arabic and we should choose a filed we are interested in and specialized in that area, in order to become very strong in something.

What do you thing about this?

To Amalia and others

Hi Amalia,

Totally agree that English and Internet skills are not enough, but basic and in 99% cases compulsory - yes!

And of course knowing another foreign language, besides English, be it Spanish or Chinese or any other makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you more chances!

What language do you intend to study or maybe already are studying?


I’ve studied many years French and Italian, 4 years German and 2 years Spanish, but I’d really like to start studying something more “exotic”. Actually, I’m searching for a Chinese course. Let’s say Chinese is one of my passions :slight_smile: