My notes after #icteu2013 in Vilnius

Set up group for collaborative Horison 2020 EU Funding application building, lobbying & project coordination (re-use as much of existing architecture and foster synergy effects):

  1. Post instructable (and act on it yourself)- Similar process as for Resilient Cities challenge: 
    • Fill in Cordis profile (for Edgeryders) add keywords that differntiate you from the rest and others that match calls requirements: social expertise, communities, social science, open science, open data.
    • E-mail contacts in EU policy space links to profile, tell them interested in participating in calls, and which calls especially interesting, and that also interested in being subcontracted.
    • Dec 11: Go to Document “Horizon 2020 Work Programs 2014-2015”, post text as wiki on platform & search “social expertise” and “social science”, of those identify relevant calls.
    • Post wiki infrastructure for building the work package documents collaboratively on platform (see how Kasia organised the folders and set up sitemap connecting different parts of application package together through links). We need to be able to assign tasks for each of the work package documents to different people. Connect with Ksenya’s form storm.
    • Dec 15: Calls come out in Cordis, identify the relevant ones: we can participate in many ones in theory because Social Science, Social expertise, Horison 2020, Social expertise, ICT 31 should be everywhere so.
    • DEC 30: Finalise partnerships
    • Identify what people are evaluating the calls (people who hosted the sessions at event in VIlnius) and make sure to be at events where they are in Brussels. Push for your ideas in smart ways.
    • Make sure Edgeryders is everywhere. Design T-shirts and badges, ask people to wear them at events etc..
    • You can be in more than one call.
  2. Put into place a system for sharing information about the various actors and calls and coordinating so that one person is always at events gathering information or lobbying for ideas. Put into place mechanisms for many people to hire themselves through Edgeryders so we can get up into space where we can go for big pools of money. Set up orgs in Every Edgeryders country & community members can invoice across borders or in country where required.
  3. Calls identified as being relevant by Thanasis (with some notes from our conversations).
  4. Find out about Futurium
    • When Futurium call is coming out.
    • What it will be for.
    • What will separate winning applications from others (what is Franco and evaluators looking for?).
    • If we have a city that wants to adopt it, would improve chances? Legal and financial validation?) What if we get several cities on Board? Athens, Matera, Upplands Väsby, Cork, Amsterdam (collaborative foresight services inspired by Furturium online?). 
    • Do read: Wendy Schultz (infinite futures, foresight research & training)