My proposal for #diogochallenge

Hi dear Edgeryders : )

I’m taking part into #diogochallenge and I’d like to press the red button ask for your feedback on the proposal I wrote.

I think it’s much easier to give feedback contextually and inline all over the document instead of doing it here in this forum that’s a seprate space.

So I’m just linking to the doc instead of copy pasting everything:

Little shameless disclaimer: I added some “smart talk” here and there with the hope of leaving a better impression… don’t blame me pls, I’m just emotionally insecure! Also… I’m going to do this anyway even without funding… I’ll just go the commercial route first. So #diogochallenge on a side… if you’re interested in the product/topic I’m happy to chat about it over hangout or skype :slight_smile:


Giacomo -

ps. of course I’m also happy to give my feedback… just go ahead and share :slight_smile:

You mean bring on the hackers red button?

:-) so good to see you back Giacomo, I am reading and will try to offer useful feedback. there are also some spelling and misuse of words, maybe we should tackle that too?

For your information, this guide based on Matthias’s experience could help, unless you read it already.

Will be in touch! 

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Feedbacked. And backed.

Haha great, one day we’ll literally have a “Bring on the Hackers” button to this platform :stuck_out_tongue:

Giacomo: Have added some remarks that came to my mind. Thanks for sharing the proposal openly. It’s a solid idea and I’m pretty sure you have a real chance in #digochallenge with it. (And if you have some time to leave feedback: I also have shared a #diogochallenge application proposal by a business friend of mine.)

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Feedbacked too (and buttons…)

A shiny big red button costs 11 dollars. If [Matthias] does not disagree on open/closed source grounds I would go for it!

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Thanks guys

Really appreciate thanks everyone : )

I’ll answer the comment/resolve them 1 by 1 now

and @Matthias, sure I’ll go and review your fiends application

(ps. this is my favorite big red button™ - 50 lines of CSS only :D )

MOOOVE shortlisted !?

Hi [Giacomo], I guess congrats are in order!!  Very happy for you.

The name sounded familiar, so I double checked. well doone, when you get a chance to breathe do let us know what your plans are and if we can help :D

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Second this!

Just want to second Noemi’s comment. Big congrats from me too!! Apart from the proposal (I’m sure you’ll create a strong second application), I am convinced that the MOOOVE concept can reall work in terms of doing much good in the real world :slight_smile: So, best wishes for the rest of the competition. If you have any specific questions in which I can help out, let me know (though admittedly I’m more often than not also just poking holes into the night and see if something happens – having had success with that once does not mean too much …).

Great : )

Very excited by this opportunity : )

@Matthias, poking holes into the night works great! The problem is that by default people just send CVs, and that’s not the most effective way to get results

Talk to you later guys, now I’m at a conference in SF about wisdom and technology, hoping to get some insights and connections that could help me push the project forward (