My reflection about the Hackathon in Medenine

It is always good to have Edgeryders around :slight_smile:

I haven’t publishing a lot about the space as I am super busy with everything in OurGhema since I am working on my own

Participants feedback were positive and as usual asking for one more event, @Hugi and the team made a great job and the integration was quite smooth :slight_smile:
actually the funny part is that a lot of people were so mad that they weren’t selcected that they sent messages to me saying that I was unfair and that I selected people that I know and how talented they are and that they should be part of this :joy: so you can imagine how motivated people were to be part of this!

I can’t evaluate the performance of the participants as I clearly understand nothing in coding, however I wanted to note that most of them are beginners, so if you ever wante to have a hackathon with more experienced and even experts, you’d find these profiles as well :slight_smile:

Young people here are always eager to have more and the experience itself is always interesting for them, as usually the good quality events happen in Tunis or somewhere near :slight_smile:

I had some interesting discussions with @Alberto who offered a workshop to the space, and he also had some discussions with my father and what we figured out is that the legal and social ground in Tunisia is open to collaborations with European structure, so I am guessing interesting things will be happening!

OurGhema is always open to host the events that the community of Edgeryders want to make in Tunisia!


Wow, who ever said Medenine’s youth is leaving? It seems there is local competition, that is a good thing to some extent. Way to go!

A special thank you to you, Yosser, for these updates. You can’t imagine how much it means for the rest of us to be able to read about the evolution of your work and space, even from afar!
We are attached to Medenine, and this from one who has done touristic promos with @anique.yael and @matthias ! :DD


You should know that Saad,the photographer, is participating a short film competetion with this promo (it was selected from a very long list of movies from all over the world) :smiley: I trully hope that you will come and see how the baby OurGhema is growing!