My social network

In my opinion the social network is good to keep in touch with people you know. I often use the social network to speak with friends who are far away. I build my social network with interesting dates about me like where I live , where I’m studying. I like my social network to be full of interesting things in order to make people look after me. I think photos are very important. It’s like a facebook, people won’t be interested about you if your photos don’t say anything about you. So when i build my social network I care about my prhotos to be the best .

When I connect with others I’m looking for people who I know  or people who has something to say. I am looking for meaningful relations . I really think about friendship on the social network. You can make friends if you have something in common with them.

I define myself in online environments as an active person. I am an active person in real life and in online network. I post news everyday, thoughts, something nice to dearest friends in the morning or music. I like people looking on my profile for news.

Freedom to people helps building resilient networks. Their needs are important for us. A social network is ment to be a little window to escape and share with others new ideas.

Dangers are everywere. I take care not to click on comercials or others banners. I prefer looking just on profile, and I have a good antivirus. I clean my computer everymonth, and i don’t download nothing from profiles.

What does freedom mean?

It’s intriguing that on one hand, you curate your profile and make sure there’s information there about you, but on the other hand you are aware that there are dangers… And from what I’ve read so far some members in this community really fear the details of their lives will be too public at some point, or used against them by private interests - like the people who own facebook will sell information about you and so you’re likely  to have many more publicity banners directed at your profile. Aren’t you afraid then, that the more open you are about yourself the more you’ll be exposed?

I recommend you have a look at this report, I found it very interesting because it speaks about the emptiness that may arise sometimes even when you have loads of friends on social networks: Maybe react to it and ask Missy more? She seems to have a lot of experience with online networking, so maybe she can give you some tips…

What kind of photos you care to be the best and why? Do you think that may bring you more friends?  I doubt that having great photos contributes to building meaningful relationships. If people are interested in you because you post great photos, unless you are a photographer I don;t understand the connection, but it’s just me…

Thanks for joining, welcome to Edgeryders!

About Freedom

I think freedom is to write or share feelings or what you think at that moment. As I am concerned I won’t let my phone number or e-mail on profile, for e.g. But my studies or where I live , I think is not so dangerous. Anyway, on social network I prefer to be friend just with people I know something about them .

About photos, I think we shoul have decent photos. As an e.g I like taking pictures in nature, to share happiness . Or photos with friends from parties or good times spend with them. What pictures do you like having on your social networok? Thanks for comment, and nice to meet you!

People I know and people who have something to say

Hi Diana-Maria,

I could very much relate to your post. A kind of minimalist approach somehow. I have to admit though that I seldom feel inspired by the content posted by the vast majority of people in my online social networks. Sometimes, when I feel very strongly about something I´ll take the time to carefully craft a a longer post, and then I feel a sense of satisfaction when people react to it with meaningful deeper content. But then, there is nowhere for me to take that energy, at least facebook feels like it disencourages real, long slow reflections…everything whizzes by my field of vision quickly. I wonder what I would need to do to get at deeper, more interesting content and knowledge on e.g. FB or Twitter or if that´s a lost cause…what do you think?

So, no photo?

You reveal a strong awareness of online interaction as somehow public. Congratulations! Just a question: since you care about your photos, how come you have put none in your Edgeryders profile? :slight_smile:


I care about my photos, now I have one!