My Story – by Ella Lu

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Service Design in a Climate Emergency, Berlin

Work, hobbies, family life, leisure, pleasure… Which activities from your present life would you like to keep doing? Which things would you like to never do again? Which would you want to start doing/do more of?

I want to spend even more time on building meaningful things with like-minded people who care about the environment, wellbeing, inclusiveness and diversity in design and tech.

I also try to get better at spending conscious time with friends, being in nature, moving my body during yoga, dance or boxing and enjoying good food and music.

Lastly, I am trying to find a better way to use/not use social media and cope with informaton overload to keep a healthy state of mind.

What is an a question or desire that drives you or your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of support would you like to offer others traveling a similar path?

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I am trying to figure out how to drive positive change when working in systems that are built around individual incentives and political agendas.

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There is no question that the climate crisis is the single biggest challenge we are facing as humanity. The question that is keeping me up at night is how design can play a role in enabling positive change – for example through systems thinking, circular design and design for behaviour change. I am also increasingly interested in the design for policymaking space. How do we leverage the potential of design to build flexibility, resilience, distributed ownership and accountability into our governance systems?

name: Ella Lu

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Hello @ella_lu_34!

great to have you here!

Could you maybe tell us some examples of how you working on driving positive change in systems build around individual incentives and political agendas? This is certainly valuable direct research :).

And I hope that you sleep well on Friday night after having spend the whole day thinking on how to enable positive change and help against the climate crisis through design! :slight_smile:
Thank you for engaging with these important questions.

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