My Story – by Irene Palomino

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AI inequalities brussels

Work, hobbies, family life, leisure, pleasure… Which activities from your present life would you like to keep doing? Which things would you like to never do again? Which would you want to start doing/do more of?

I love to write and read. Scriptwriting.
Acting is definetely one of my most dear hobbies, although I do not find some occasion for it.
Yoga & Meditation
Photography of still life
Trek in the mountains, stroll about in parks and beaches
Swim in the swimming pool (for training) in the sea (for fun). I would like to surf again.
Meeting open-minded people whoever they come from.
Melodic, classic, funk, jazz swing, cool jazz, bossa nova music and many more.

What is an a question or desire that drives you or your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of support would you like to offer others traveling a similar path?

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I am the delegate in Brussels of the regional innovation agency of Extremadura (Spain). My main goal is to position technology developer in the Research and Innovation ecosystem of Europe so they can develop further themselves. Extremadura is the region where I come from. It is located in the soutwestern Spain but I like to say that we are from the fast-west since we are locate right next to the border with Portugal, so we have been isolated from the Spain developed all along the industrialisation are and post area. However, thanks to that marginalisation we have an extraordinary environment in terms of biodiversity.
If I can say something about myself relating my job, it that it is quite a honour to represent a region as mine and working next to the knowledge generators of my regions, the innovator that did not emigrate as many other did to find suitable solution for Extremadura.
Concerning the question of the doubts that I may be holding at the present moment, some of them are relate to the lack of coordination we face in my organisation which is nobody’s faults but it has become a big snow ball.
Besides, if one day I should leave my job, I am happy to say that technology solutions, the development of rural areas through sustainable bioeconomy, ICT technologies on public services, such as Personalised medicine, are aspects of my current job that I would like to exploit on my next one and share with anybody that it is interested on the same topic (If I am fortunate enough).
I also, was always quite passionate with reading, and writing.

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I have recently been working on AI intelligence from Social Services Perspectives orientated to the Personalised Medicine implementation. Although I am not a specialist myself I am extremely curious to hear the point of view of those that understand fully the intricacies of this complex subject, since my view has always been influenced by public policies narratives. Therefore, I want really to see beyond.

name: Irene Palomino

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Welcome Irene. And thanks for your thorough and fascinating introduction. I hope we can make some sort of common cause.