My story

I’m graduated from the faculty of commerce ,Alexandria university ,working as Air-Fees Specialist at Borg El-Arab International Airport , won The second prize in poetry in the first round of the contest of short story & poetry , Won a prize at the competition of the Arabic content Enrichment from Google about an article talks about my Idea about a Bank works without interest , Have been chosen as the Ideal employee by the Management of Borg El-Arab International Airport, Had many courses about Airport management, operation, & international marketing, from Egypt, Japan. Like: - International marketing course from the American Bolmart Academy, International Marketing course from the Egyptian Airports company, Airport management operation course from Narita Airport, Japan, Course of The methods of trading in the stock market, Certificate of course completion of IT Essentials:PC Hardware & Software from Cisco Networking Academy, Training course for preparing the leadership cadre from the social leaders team at the faculty of commerce Orientation course from Borg El-Arab International Airport, Training Diploma in computer sciences at the Egyptian society for information technology, Training Program at a newspaper called alnajm alwatany, Summer Internship at Piraeus bank, one of The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Finalists for 2017


Hi @Ahmed.El-Ghamry, welcome to edgeryders! Thanks for introducing yourself.
Do you see yourself using finance, marketing and management skills in a community initiaitive like OpenVillage, probably much smaller than the companies you worked with so far?

Maybe put your skills in service of projects with high social impact, which currently dont have a way of generating income for those which lead them? Like Hadeer in his workshops creating toys out of waste?

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Hi @noemi , thank you for welcome , I’m very happy to be a member of edgeryders , it will be great honor for me to help in Marketing , finance , management , or any thing in edgeryders community even if it was a very little thing & would be happy to help , of course it’s a great community because it’s working for charity & helping people , in my point of view big companies are not by it’s capital , but it’s , by their goal , and edgeryders have a noble aim , so , it’s greater than any company I have worked for

Thanks again ,

Hi Ahmed,

Just saw you posted this!

So I’d like to welcome you here too :slight_smile:

I’m one of the co-founders of Edgeryders and very active as a director in the not-for-profit company that supports this work.

Reading you above I think there is a specific challenge that your experience and skills could really help us to solve creatively. It’s an obstacle to many people and projects not living up to their full potential.

A few years ago we started exploring how people working to affect positive changes in their community can can support each others’ work. The reason being that it is very hard to build projects for social good that generate enough value to sufficiently compensate everyone contributing to their successes. Especially since it takes several years and a lot of mentorship, contacts and full time work to get there. Also the psychological and social pressures can be very tough on people trying to build/do new things. Not to mention the economic consequences of businesses that fail (which e.g. most start ups do).

For me the big lesson is that we need to look into incentivising collective investment into things which everyone benefits from but no one can/wants to “carry” alone.

For most people the only source of support is Family which has its’ own challenges and anyway is not available for a lot of people. In an ideal situation it would be everyone paying taxes in exchange for good services and a social security net. But this is far from realistic for many of us.

So we get try to build what we need from what we have. More specifically we are building OpenVillage as a peer-to-peer effort to help one another do three things:

  1. co-saving: Coordinate to make collective investments and build solutions that lower financial costs of living and doing business
  2. co-earning: Work together to build and grow different streams of revenue to support each other increase
  3. co-creation: Everyone needs other people to do things with. We maintain and grow a safe, welcoming and tolerant space where people can think, dream and experiment around new ideas together.

I have a hunch for how to do this, but could use your help to flesh it out before I present it to the community.

Should I share it with you?


Wow so much enthusiasm.

Small correction: personally, i dont see edgeryders working for charity, rather the projects around here are looking to make a positive contribution and many times they need to remain independent and non-profit to retain credibility among those whom they wish to serve. For example new kinds of sharing economy platforms which aim to redistribute value to contributors rather than make profits through large margins - @damiano described it here. Another thing is the dependency on public funding which also tends to compromise a project’s life because it is short termed and not long term outcome oriented.

In october at our upcoming festival in Brussels (19-21) there is a session dedicated to sustainability called The Edge of Funding - I’m curious to see what you think - it departs from the constraints people have to access resources.


Thank you very much @nadia for welcoming me too :slight_smile: , it’s great pleasure for me to be here , & I’m curious to know about my tasks , you can depend on me , I hope I could help & for sure you can share it with me if you would like

thank you again @noemi for correction & i’m sorry for mistake but in all ways helping each others is a great Noble matter ,& I really wish I could attend the upcoming festival in Brussels