My take on "Social Innovation"

Find and describe a socially innovative company, initiative or project near you (if possible, interview the social innovator who made it possible) that you find inspiring. Do you think it has a chance to actually make the world a little better? Why? See a list of links below, divided by country. - ok I need to think about this a little more, Im based in Sweden and Strasbourg and Berlin, so there are a lot of places to choose from! Would you work there? Why? Why do you think the founder ended up doing what they are doing instead of just taking a day job somewhere? - Depends on my answer above…need to think about this some more and am out of time right now… If you are a social innovator, just tell us about your project! - The Prototype Project ( is…get back to this later…can you remind me Edgeryders?

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Like a seed

As I am marking this mission report on the map of future builders, I send you a ‘reminder’.


I noticed that you often say that you have difficulty defining who you are, and what you do, or where you want to live. I have read this in many places, ie ‘About me’ in your profile, etc.

Personally, I have found is that when I state an intent, it actually provides an anchor.

Sometimes it is rather really hard for people to state an intent, because they feel they have to commit. Sometimes people just aren’t ready to do that or they really don’t know what they want. A lot of people have so many things in their heads and hearts about what they feel they would like to do.

The process of actually articulating it is important. The process of writing it out, and letting go of it is very powerful. This is what Edgeryders is doing, it helps people to write about their dreams, goals and intents, and other participants encourage them. That’s what’s so cool about social media today: there are tools that make you feel more connected and even more happier by sharing.

Like with a seed, we have to plant them, but don’t go and take the seed out every day and check it. It is going to grow, because we nurture it and we give it time and space. In achieving intents, we can’t be obsessive and too attached. Part of the practice in all of this is the act of letting go. Letting go and trusting that what we ask for has already been granted to us.

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that it is broken, need to to check what’s up with the domain people… in the meanwhile here’s a video that I edited :slight_smile:

Some time ago I became very interested in narrative, and especially narratives around and involving diferent kinds of technologies. What I am asking myself, and others, is how our roles with respect to one another change with the decentralisation of manufacturing and access to knowledge and know how. I had an intiuition about the need to create some kind of playful distance to the topics in order to be able to have a real conversation, and an interface which is familiar (cards afford touching, we know how to interact with them…and tarot is a widely recognised ritual, people know they explore and reveal something about themselves in the interaction with the “reader”). So I just went ahead and made it with the help of some friends. In the context of a festival on learning, freedom and the web I set up a kind of tarot performance but explicity using custom made cards containing names of manufacturing technologies or manufacturing-related aretafacts or processes. The response was increadible, people would  approach me anytime I sat down at the little table and at several points there was a que of people waiting to have their cards “read”. I explained wha I was doing- that it was an art project, and how I was using the concept and the character of the tarot reader- no fortune telling whatsoever- the cards are just a reflective surface, a kind of mirror where they woud really be talking to themselves. It was immersive, a lot of fun and definitely something I will keep building on as soon as I get a  little time.

Why is this social innovation? Well im not sure it is yet, but I got a few ideas for how it could be that I would like to explore further. Maybe as a tool for changing our perceptions of our relationships to technologies (technofobia in particular).