Narratives of Care: Op3n Brunch in Brussels

On February 28, we came together in Brussels for the first Narratives of Care Storytelling workshop.

What started with a simple question which developed into deep conversations that are still ongoing days after everyone went home. Pauline kindly contributed her notes from the discussions and I uploaded them here. Also Ezio summarised his own reflections around care from a different, but related, discussion here.

From the different conversations I draw the conclusion that a big part of building effective storytelling for our individual care-related initiatives is designing contexts for care that work for us. As care givers and receivers:

How to do this effectively? Is it the same for regardless of which kind of initiative you are communicating around, or not? Are there significant cultural differences around care and communication that need to be taken into account or no?

This brunch is an opportunity to research and prototype answers to these questions  together in a nice and relaxed environment with delicious things to eat!

Bring yourself, your project and anyone you want to invite along. Just let me know a day in advance so I can plan for enough food :))

Date: 2016-03-12 11:00:00 - 2016-03-12 11:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.