Natalia in Matera

Natalia is finally in Matera! We can open our LOTE4 production office.:slight_smile:

Here are the first three things to do:

  1. Take a picture of yourself at the unMonastery and post it :-)
  2. Go to Comitato Matera 2019, ask for @RitaO and have her introduce you to everybody. Also, ask Rita to explain clearly how we are to work together with them on LOTE4. I suggest a weekly checkin with Rossella Tarantino, who speaks good English.
  3. Discuss with them if they want to collaborate on some kind of public event that would be tailored not for the LOTE4/Edgeryders crowd, but for the city. For example, we have Fabrizio Barca, who is very well known in Italy, and he could give a public talk, or we could organize a panel around him. We also have Andersdotter and Chase, very interesting people – but they don't speak Italian, so that creates a barrier. Or we could just do some kind of gala event, taking advantage of the fact these people are in town for LOTE4. Just ask them if they have any ideas, and see if they want to discuss. Our goal in this is for LOTE4 to be part of the city's life, and not a segregated event as LOTE3 was. 

Partly completed - meeting people. Photo arrives in the morning, and I think I will discuss all with Rita and the team tomorrow again. Today I meet last unMonasterian in town, Remy.


With flying colours!