Navigating the OpenCare datascape: between ethnography and network science

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With @amelia, @alberto, @jason_vallet


What have we learned from a two year participatory research on community care? How did we process the data to get there? What does it even mean to combine ethnography with network science anyway?

First, we briefly explain how we used ethnography and network science to organize the OpenCare corpus into structured data. You will learn how ethnographers process data (they call it “coding”), and try your hand at coding Edgeryders posts. Next, we use an application called GraphRyder to navigate and interpret those data, organized in form of network. In the end we will discuss our findings. For those inclined to hack network data (build new visualizations, for example), we will do that too.

Come if you want to learn about digital ethnography, and how you can use networks to explore ethnographic data to reach your own conclusions. Warning: hacking might happen. People with both humanities and science/tech background welcome.

What we’ll do

This is a highly interactive session: bring your laptops! We will form groups of 3-4 people each. You can go through the session following either of the two Ways described below (but not both). Choose your Way wisely!

9.00 Warmup: tell us what you expect from this session.
9.10 Presentation: On ethnography, and how we did it in OpenCare ( by @amelia)

The way of the Sage – Led by @amelia , for those curious about ethnography
9.30 Exercise: ethno coding of a post
10.00 Exercise: explore ethno data with GraphRyders (I)
10.30 Take a break!
10.40 Exercise: explore ethno data with GraphRyders (II)

The way of the Artifex – Led by @jason_vallet, for those curious about network data hacking
9.30 Hacking
10.00 More hacking
10.30 Take a break!
10.40 Wrapping up

Everyone again
11.00 Structured discussion


Open Village FestivalAu Quai, Brussels.