Need an overview of Who's coming at Lote4

I think at this point and for engagement purposes we’d need a public lineup of people who have confirmed they are coming, it should be about 15 of us at least.

A lot of the work of transfering Makerfox currency and sending people tickets and potentially grants is done behind the scenes, and @Natalia_Skoczylasyou are the only one who’s in touch with each and has a clear picture. 

I can work on a page for the minisite to manually add pictures and names, and perhaps you could do a post on who’s confirmed and encouragement to book trips?

No problem, I am doing it;)

Remember Millie

Goes by ElaMi5. She’s confirmed to me personally she is coming (from Montenegro!).

Almost done

Thanks for helping out!

We have a new minisite page with names of Edgeryders who earned a ticket and should have gotten one or will get one asap… (I decided to not limit ourselves to only those who have strongly confirmed). It will end up slightly overestimating the number of those who will eventually attend because people are slow in working with MakerFox, confirming, booking or whatever.

We may need to improve the page and add names (although currently each photo links to ER profiles), signal who’s going to be hosting in Matera: unMonasterians, Natalia etc. who is running which session so as to have more complete info about participants.

Great work! (and a modest proposal…)

Wow, it looks quite exhausting to manually make the page with the photo gallery of the people coming to LOTE4. Would it be a disaster if we did this with Views? It could work like this:

  1. Sneak in a binary (yes/no) field in the user profile.
  2. Hide the tick box under the "legacy" tab in the user profile page.
  3. Create a view that does a gallery of who comes to LOTE4, which would simply be a view of all users filtered for that particular field equal to "yes".


  1. an extra field in the profile
  2. have to create the view


  1. the extra field is hidden so that it is for all practical purposes invisible to the user
  2. once created the view, it is easy and fast to add people to it – just edit their user profile and tick the box
  3. Simpler to create other views (slide shows, add information like name or coming from...)