Need your feedback on meeting the policy makers at #LOTE!

Edgeryders is a distributed think tank where we come together, inspire one another and help each other. During the 4 intensive days of #Lote and #Edgecamp there was a wealth of experiences, ideas, important discussions and potential spaces for collaboration shared. There are many threads to tie together, to make sense of where we are and how to move forward. We think a helpful starting point for moving forward is to put together an overview of the main discussions, insights, information and areas to explore further.

We’re starting with the summary from Session: Meet the Policy Maker written by Patrick Davenne (@pdavenne). If you were there please help by leaving comments with your thoughts, things that can enrich the lessons we learned. There’s also a google doc for those of you who prefer working straight on the summary…

"Premise. One of the main tenets for the existence of Edgeryders when it was created was to give the European institutions information and ideas from European youth.

It is hoped that the Edgeryders experiment will be a venue to promote a more fluid dialogue between the ruling institutions of Europe and its young citizens, while at the same time provide insight into the new forms of precariousness and poverty that are emerging among the youth all around Europe, and avoid implementing policies that promote marginalisation (i.e., problem-solving policies vs. potential-promoting policies).

This session was a test case of that goal: sit around a table members of the Edgeryders community alongside those involved in policy decision-making and create a face to face debate that would (hopefully) tear down the walls between institutions and citizens." read more and comment

Twitter contacts of the policy makers who accepted our invitation and were present in the debate:

Ms. Emilie Turunen: @ETurunen

Mrs. Marietje Schaake @MarietjeD66

Mr. Spiros Pengas @SpirosPengas

Mr. Pier Francesco Maran @piermaran

See also the twitter list with members from the Edgeryders community

Living on the Edge Conference (LOTE) took place on the 14th-17th of June at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. 150+ members from the Edgeryders online community and think tank met face to face for the first time in a 2-day conference and an additional 2-day informal event (#edgecamp). The results? See for yourself in the summary above!