Need your feedback to build up on "Europe: a future history" session at #LOTE!

The following lote experience we’d like to flesh out - first was on Meet the policy maker - is a summary of Europe: A future history session. It was a pretty intense session, as during a couple hours we heard stories from various edgeryding realms: about new meanings of liberty and freedom discovered during couchsurf-visiting Iran; how young graduates can learn not just the workers’ ways, but entrepreneurial ones, with due efforts complementary to university education; how to reconcile working life and family life and failing; or how copyright laws and Internet control initiatives can be fought against via cheap online tools: a case study on anti ACTA movement in Poland:

Whether or not you were there at Lote, please help by leaving comments with your thoughts, personal observations that can enrich the lessons we’ve learned. Post them either in the mission report summary or in this google doc.

Living on the Edge Conference (lote) took place on the 14th-17th of June at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. 150+ members from the Edgeryders online community and think tank met face to face for the first time in a 2-day conference and an additional 2-day informal event (#edgecamp). The results? See for yourself in the summary above!