Nepal: Situation update, 27 April

Quick situation update before I go on my first flight now:

Natalia messaged me today at 10:45 CEST: “matt my nepali nr is … we stay next to presidential house. hardcore problems with connection. if u get there, try to find a broken house around, closed street black gate in front is where we live. bang ob the gate. hope to find you today”

I got the equipment I wanted here in Zurich (Katadyn water filter, Micropur Forte for 1000l water, DEET spray, emergency tarps, and a super large external accu pack for Natalia’s phone).

I’ll try to message you daily with situation updates, and will probably do that by blog on the platform, but connection problems in Kathmandu can delay both. Thanks all for your support! Now heading off to adventure :slight_smile:


Additions from German embassy in Kathmandu

Just got an e-mail from German embassy in Kathmandu with some interesting additions:

  • aftershocks are getting less now
  • every now and then there is electricity again
  • you cannot get money from most ATMs still, so it's best to be frugal … in addition, Natalia mentioned that the currency exchange shops are also unavailable, since they were concentrated in the worst affected area in the city … I can get money exchanged at the airport hopefully
  • Kathmandu International Airport (KTM) is re-opened, and flights out of Nepal for the next 3 days are fully booked
  • street and air connection between Pokhara and Kathmandu is working
  • in the South of Nepal (Terai), the situation is quite unproblematic
  • hotels in Kathmandu and around it are fully booked for the most part
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Travel update

I’m at Dubai International Airport (DXB) now, waiting for the last leg of my flight to Kathmandu. I should arrive at 18:25 (the earlier flight DXB → KTM today had a delay though, so I don’t know …). The plan is to meet with Natalia 20:30 in front of the Russian embassy. But she also gave me coordinates. Both is better than “we stay next to presidemtial house. […] if u get therr, try to find a broken house around, closed street  black gate in front is where we live.:slight_smile: