NESTA opportunities

I receive the regular mailshot from NESTA, and there’s some relevant things for people here. have created a bunch of online tools for “Social Innovation” enterprises.

There’s also the EU Social Innovation Competition, while NESTA is one of the gateways for entries from the UK, the main site is here.

The Open Data Challenge is a joint venture between Nesta and the Open Data Institute, closing date for applicants is 30th March.

They’re also tendering for services here. Deadline is 10th April.

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Thanks for sharing, tweeting this out via @edgeryders

Do you have any experience dealing with Nesta as an organisation? Im curious as to how their processes are perceived by applicants and awardees. Am gathering information over time to build a sense of which orgs are relevant/appropriate to contact about which kinds of projects…

I’ve not worked directly with NESTA.

I’ve been working with Bethnal Green Ventures, an incubator/accelarator that uses NESTA as an umbrella organisation.

BGV have their launch event tomorrow evening. More details here.

Just realised, it’s sold out. I’ve got one spare ticket if anyone is interested in coming along.

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