Network Resource Planning: Making Ethical Values , Open Resources the center of ans economical driven society

I talked briefly about it with @noemi , but couldn’t develop it more at that moment. So here I’m trying to explain a bit what this possible European Grant application is about. Attention: definition filled with ‘hip’ words :wink:

NRP: a decentralized alternative to ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning like SAP) that doesn’t only take in consideration Economical Resources, but also other forms of resources (shared knowledge, contracts, spaces,…) Value systems (OS, transparent, collective, Design Globally Produce Locally… to name a few) and Affects (Personal physical and mental health) through a holochain / blockchain apparatus


Apply to a $1M European grant for IT infrastructure development, framed as Blockchains for social good.
SENSORICA wants to be part of a consortium for the development of p2p infrastructures for network resource planning and contribution accounting (NRP-CAS). See this paper.

I was contacted by Tibirius to look into what partners could be possibly interested to work on this from Brussels. From a maker perspective I contacted CIN which whom I was already working on a possible FabCity Brussels earlier this year and where FabLab Mobile emerged thanks to the IJV methodology. CIN has a lot of interesting pieces of the puzzle to create the NRP.

But I also thought about Edgeryders because of the decentralized methodology, the global vision and the diversity of topics it wants to tackle through collective work. Standardizing collaborative work through values, affects and resources could solidify a new form of work that is much more organic and fluid (and possibly healthy for everybody). Creating highly trustable collaboration with people from other countries without needing a lack of trust being an issue.

Some example without using the block/holo chain technology, just on a human level

Resources: You receive as an organization or a collective a contract but you can’t deliver on the contract, find through NRP easily other organizations that have the time and the same capacities to tackle the problem. Share through Fairshare for exemple the parts of the incomes according to the degree implication

Values: knowing that other organization work on the same value level by having a look on how they work in shown thematics. Like having the notion Open Source given to a project that is really open source through a external rating system.

Affects (thanks @anique.yael to introduce me to this) that we can more easily find that some people are fighting personal struggles and that we can relieve them, not point out their failure, but support them in any way possible. Affect theory could help to categories more easily when people are in trouble. Again, not to put them outside of the system, but to rebalance the workload between the organic collective.

This is a first introduction,
You can find on the P2P website a more technical background of the work in progress

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Hi @yannick very excited about all this (only skimmed as I’m in the middle of something else), but wanted to let you know straight away that from what I understand the **Blockchains for Social Good is a prize and not a grant.**There have already been a few discussions in our community about it, and unfortunately from what @alberto and I understand it’ll go to a project already developed. Do you have other information that suggests differently?

… I don’t get it. This is what I’m seeing: Blockchains for social good is not a grant: it’s a prize. In other words: you have 18 months to build it (on your own money, ça va sans dire), then you can apply for ONE 5 million prize. One winner, everyone else loses. Only makes sense if you have built something anyway, then why would you not apply?

On this basis, I predict the prize will go to some well funded, established player in the “for social good” space, that will meanwhile have recruited some blockchainer. NESTA is a good candidate. The City of Barcelona is another. I don’t know about Sensorica, but for ER this seems a very long shot.

What am I missing?