Networking and learning at Neol's community design sprint

There is a nice community design project which, at the first glance resonates with some things ER have been working on.

Indeed: “Cultivating a creative community around a shared purpose, growing a network of early adopter customers, startups, partners for companies or scaleups, engaging in co-creation with communities for client challenges, nourishing the existing communities and sharing knowledge with others…

Organised by Neol and a number of partners, it is the first in a series of events which will work also on topics of gender equality and climate change (later in the year).

I will attend the sprint organised between the end of June / begining of July.


Sounds interesting. Is it a course? Do you want to attend it?

Yes, it’s a course, both Ivan and I are attending. He’ll be there from Edge side and I’m representing CHC.



Web3? :thinking: