Networking networks - aggregating our collective net-work's-net-worth?!

When a global network of 4000+ (ie. us) is required to share what networks it’s a part of I can’t help but glitch a little and ponder on the irony of being called to assert some kind of net-worth-of-our-net-work.

That being said, it is still valuable to have a listing of sorts of the networks we are a part of - as a social enterprise in symbiosis with our community.

So calling @noemi @alberto @johncoate @matthias @nadia: can you please share here any networks you see us as a part of?

We need this for the Brodolini tender by Monday. Grazi mille!

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We are part of zero formal networks. This is because we do not believe in formal networks. So, if you want a list like “Member of the Alliance for Fair and Equitable Software Development”, it’s going to be an empty one. :slight_smile:


Haha, exactly why I glitched! Great, answered as far as I’m concerned thanks @alberto

When we build a list of networks and who’s where, the main question to answer before to plan any list is… “who’s gonna update this list?” :slight_smile:

Leave it, @oliiive, It was an unreasonable request. We are pushing back.

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