New activity: observing collaboration as it happens

[This was discussed to some length in the Geneva consortium meeting – notes]

We have an unofficial “phantom work package” emerging. We have four activities (that I can see) forming a coherent bundle aimed at observing collaboration in action. These are:

  • The "Talk to action" paper.
  • A soon-to-start participant observation of collaboration in a makerspace (WeMake, with Federico as the researcher).
  • Ethnographic coding of, and reflecting upon, the making of the OpenCare pop-up village.
  • [New, not mentioned at the meeting] Ethnographic coding of, and reflecting upon, community projects. We have at least one volunteer project: @WinniePoncelet 's ReaGhent as its team get involved in @dfko 's OpenInsulin effort. Others may follow, especially as we make an official announcement. Winnie appreciates an external eye of their processes, so maybe other projects will see value in making themselves observable in return for access to their coded data in the dashboard. (WeHandU? @Rune and @Francesco_Maria_ZAVA are already quite active in this space).

It’s an exciting development. I am very much looking forward to the journey, and curious of its destination.

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towards a common standard

Dear @Alberto

what about using and agreeing on same kind of codes and categories of analysis to make much flowing the data process? It was an issue @Amelia and I considered talking about using same standards for coding and analysing conversations belonging to opencare events online and offline. Maybe we should all discuss on a primer or grid to be used in each of the four sets. For instance for me it’s a priority now, as i need a toolkit that is suitable to researching meaningful elements offline or off opencare infrastructure.