New category: The Reef's Open Knowledge

I started a new category called “The Reef’s Open Knowledge”. It’s meant to be a place to interact with the rest of the world.

I am launching it now, because I wanted a nice landing page for my presentation tomorrow at the Sociocracy Conference, plus a place where people can ask questions (rather than sharing my email address).

If you hear a calling to write blog-style posts about something you think could be of interest for another group, please feel free and go all in.

In the category’s description (at the top) I have been transparent though that it is very likely that we won’t be able to be very active. For that purpose we now have a second newsletter “The Reef’s Open Knowledge”, so that we can maybe send 1-2 emails per year with a short overview on what’s new (if there would be anything :sweat_smile:)

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I also created a separate folder on Nextcloud. For now I’m using it for my Powerpoint for the conference, but some day I imagine we’ll leave many more documents there and share the link to the folder with the rest of the world.

Until then I have explained our policy to sharing files in a separate post: Access to the documents we are making publicly accessible

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