New comer

Elyes Dababi from tunisia live in mednine I found the edgeryders project i like to work with other people to get more exprienc in future…
I am in a wheelchaire i can t walk i have a sickness called : MYOPATHIE i effected with it at âge 8 years old but my wheelchaire never stop me from catching my dream…

  • i work as a commercial agent
  • i work as a community manager
  • trainer in personel development
  • work with association for disabled People
    I whould love to Know the manager of the group in mednine
    Thank you

The manager :slight_smile: Well, i guess that would be @Yosser. She’s one active community member who joined edgeryders just like you and is very ambitious in wanting to build great things in Medenine. A great lady!

Nice to meet you @Elyes - my name is Noemi and i’m a community manager here based in Brussels. I am now boarding a plane to come to Medenine for the social innovation camp and host a workshop on community management, maybe we meet there!

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Nice to meet you @noemi
Then i hope to see you in mednine insh allah