New communities site for Stockholm University students

Through the Plato project, our partners at Stockholm University would like their own ER Communities Discourse for the students, faculty, and visiting teachers tied to the Program of Cultural Management Studies. This will be paid for by the Plato project budget that is shared with Stockholm University, and we proposed 1000 EUR for the set-up and maintenance for one year. If they decide to continue, they would pay ER 500 EUR per year to keep the platform alive.

@MariaEuler and @jakobskote will be teaching on the program.

I would help them configure the platform after setup.

@daniel, @matthias – can we do this? The deadline would be mid-August.


Sweet! Go figure…

yay, well done!!!

Nice, that would be the most high-profile Edgeryders Communities client then :slight_smile:

Works for me and Daniel, given that they want a standard Edgeryders Communities site and the price is alright. Let us know if and how much you want to charge for client communication / requirement analysis or similar. Ideally you’d also introduce them to the site in a live call (I’m sorry but I lack the time until end of August). The rest of the budget less Edgeryders’ 20% then goes to Daniel for the setup and hosting for the year.

Please let them know that the hosting is best-effort. We don’t expect major outages in the next year given that the Discourse upgrade has just been done for the year, but, who knows.

Other than that we just need them to choose and configure a domain name in DNS, and Daniel can set up the site for them.

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We are working closely with them in the Plato project, so I will take care of all of that on the budget I already allocated for myself in Plato through the SenseStack company. For the 1000 EUR, lets rather put that towards you and Daniel and the general IT budget.


We’re ready for this platform to be set up at, ping @daniel and @matthias.

Daniel has finished the basic setup on our server. Next steps:

  1. @hugi or whoever controls the DNS of, please adjust the DNS records as follows to point to the server:      IN  A  IN  A      IN  AAAA  2a01:488:66:1000:2ea3:4ec0:0:1  IN  AAAA  2a01:488:66:1000:2ea3:4ec0:0:1
  2. After that @daniel can add SSL, make some initial admin settings in the Discourse site, and add it to the top-right Communities menu.

And then it will be ready to use.

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@daniel, records are now added. Should propagate within the next 24 hours.

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@hugi it’s now online and you can login with your ER account.

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@hugi, what is the time plan with this site? Just wanting to make sure we’re not missing something …

Once the client has configured the site with a logo, name and some visuals and initial content, we would add it to our top-right communities menu as the last step of setup from our side. Makes no sense before the site is somewhat looking active, though. So not right now.

Nothing has been missed, it’s them that are slow. I’m waiting for some resources to configure the site. But no worries, the funding has been allocated.

One question; at one point you moved some users and threads from the ER platform to the Blivande platform. Do you have a script for that? There are some threads and users on the Blivande platform that could be moved to kickstart the new platform.

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I really don’t remember how we did this :thinking: There are migration scripts inside the Discourse repo, probably including scripts to import content from another Discourse instance. But no idea if we used them. Maybe @daniel remembers how this was done?

This is finally back on track now. Getting the content this week to finish the setup.

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