New contributor introduction

My name is Tim Knowles. I live in the state of Louisiana in the U.S.A. I have worked in our nation’s space programs for 40 years. I am a registered Republican but am a RINO. I live with my second wife (my first wife died of natural causes). All the children have grown to adulthood. I believe there is but one God, the creator of all that is but I am not religious. I believe in freedom but freedom to do what is right unrestrained by law not freedom to do whatever I want. I prefer written communication, I think it creates greater depth of meaning (less superficial). Pictures, audio and video have their place when words can’t convey the message but talking heads and glamor shots are of the prideful and posting such will diminish my opinion of the poster. I come here looking to converse with the virtuous, to educate and learn.

I expect that some will not know what I mean by virtuous so here is the short list of virtues.

Prudence - the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason
Justice - the virtue which regulates person in his dealings with others. Connected to justice are the virtues of equity and gratitude
Fortitude - which equates with brave endurance. Connected to the virtues of patience and perseverance
Temperance - the virtue which moderates in accordance with reason the desires and pleasures of the sensuous appetite. Related to temperance are the virtues of conscience and humility


Hey Tim, welcome. I hope you will find us to be a congenial and compelling bunch.
I lived in Louisiana in 1975 - worked in a shipyard in Morgan City, lived in Houma.

Hello. Actually I have lived in Maine, Florida and California as well as Louisiana. I also worked in Cleveland and the District of Columbia I have been working from home but my work base is the NASA MIchoud Assembly Facility… Home of the Saturn V, the Space Shuttle External Tank, the Artiemis Space Launch System and the Orion Exploration Vehicle.


Impressive. What do you do for them, if I may ask?

I am the chief engineer and propulsion systems design lead for a small aerospace company that designs and fabricates structures and systems for spacecraft and rockets. Previously I worked for a large aerospace company and worked at our nation’s two busiest space launch sites.


Fascinating. You bring unique experience to this scene. Looking forward to further conversations. And I bet you have some good stories…

Hello and welcome! Alberto here, economist (-ish), originally Italian now living in Brussels. May I ask you: what is a RINO?

Republican In Name Only

Meaning that one is a registered Republican to be allowed voting in the primaries, but that one does not vote for the Republican candidates in the elections?

RINO is an acronym for Republican in Name Only. It is a Registered Republican who is not dedicated to the party, really an independent voter who might lean conservative and would prefer to vote in the Republican Primary. I generally vote for more Republicans than Democrats