New hosting (and some trouble) for the domain

I recently had to abandon the IP hosting provider I was using for (and some other domains). After some research, I chose a French company, Planethoster as the new hosting provider. It’s cheaper than Combell and seems efficient enough. The address is not hosted there, but redirected to, so that we can change the site on the fly by editing the related post here on the forum. This works as normal.

The login credentials for my Planethoster account are in the “Login credentials” folder on Nextcloud. I have other domains hosted there, so if you need to tweak please be careful not to disrupt my other domains!

However, there is still an unsolved problem: I have so far been unable to redirect the subdomains. There are two:

  • should redirect to
  • should redirect to our Nextcloud instance.

I have a ticket open to fix this. It’s a little tricky. @manuelpueyo, if you want to get involved welcome to, in this case log in, go to Support => Mes billets and read through the exchange on the latest ticket.


thanks i have added 2 new dns records to sync with mailjet our newsletter tool.
an SPF record and DKIM (authentication)

I will have a look at this next week.