New information on the Manzini workshop ready: only 40 places ceiling

Hello all, @Ezio_Manzini and I have had some discussion and come up with a new, much improved, event page.

We have also claimed the empty slot in the OpenCare files, which has been pushed to 16.00. @markomanka's and Simona Ferlini’s talk should go here.

This is really high quality stuff, and deserves plenty of exposure. @Nadia, @Noemi, @ireinga.

@KiraVde, I need a picture and short bio of your father. Thanks!

I’ll set up a separate FB event page for it

once you share the final text?

Waiting == bad

No, @Nadia, I’d say no point in waiting. The text is final, except for very minor details. Let’s get it out there, reach sold out, then get that news out again: it will energise the speakers, the community, the people interested in the refugees issue, etc.


Thanks for adding the changes straight into the program, makes our lives easier.

Most popular session. 40 places ceiling?

Just a quick fyi. @Alberto it seems there are plenty of people coming over to LOTE for the Collaborative inclusion workshop alone. I suggest you have a clear policy at the door or at least allow the morning session more people in. Maybe I’m wrong, but we need to be prepared.


Based on what?

  • On the Edgeryders event: 23 registered
  • On the Facebook event, 40 registered – but, as always, some people will not show up. I know for sure Medhin Paolos is not coming, for example. Maria Wahlberg, same thing. 

What information sources do you have? I ask so that we can take steps.

Walk ins

Most people haven’t signed up for sessions. We expect >130 people to come to LOTE at one point or another (hosts included).

Come Friday morning, everyone who is there (say 60-70: we don’t have precise information) will pick between this session and the one on open source collaboration. Seeing how much more popular this one is, you might end up with a crowded room. Just saying, have chairs prepared to be moved around.