New policy: celebrate new hires


Calling team leaders @nadia @noemi @johncoate @matthias @amelia. I am going to lean on you a bit and ask you to write a post on the company blog whenever you hire someone. The reasons should be obvious, but for the sake of a tidy argument:

  • We hire great people, we should celebrate them. They deserve it.
  • Making it a bit of a big deal is motivating for them.
  • As we all work in remote etc., people may have no other way to learn about new colleagues.
  • People outside Edgeryders see us a as a source of fun employment in a respectful environment.

So, please make the effort and just do it. Upon signing the contract, one post. One person, one post. Can you do this for me? :slight_smile:


You have my solemn pledge.




Will do!