New proposal in, and how we grow as a team

This is to inform everyone that we submitted a proposal – codenamed PARTENAIRE – to the last Horizon 2020 call, LC-SC3-CC-1-2018-2019-2020, “energy citizenship”.

The proposal is quite strong, I believe. But what I like most is that the RezNet worked very well as a team. The front line consisted of @marina at the helm, me as the main document editor and @amelia to map what we do onto the literature on STS (science and technology studies); but many others chipped in. @martin was a great help in navigating the ambiguities of the EC format – I am looking forward to reciprocating his help by helping with a proposal he wants to lead. @andreja provided important information, and procure some letters of support. @nadia and @matthias answered questions on, respectively, engagement and tech support.

All this happened in August. Other partners were struggling to keep their eyes on the ball – mostly one lonely person per partner, with some holiday issues. I think we came across as very professional – we even delivered the proposal 24 hours ahead of the deadline, at some cost to ourselves.

I want to thank you all for your loyalty and generosity. I felt very supported throughout, and it is great to see the RezNet coming together as a unit. A special mention goes to Marina, who sailed through a potentially stressful situation with Slavic imperturbability (“Is not a problem”). She has really grown into the role. Now, however, I am very tired, and will be claiming some down time :slight_smile:


Thank you @alberto!

It has been tough but an exemplary way on how to work as a team. If we are to have important roles in these projects and (most importantly) be able to budget right for what we offer, it can never be a one-man show, so thanks to everyone from my side as well.

I would also mention here that another proposal is being submitted for this deadline: TREASURE - leading the TRansition of the European Automotive SUpply chain towards a circulaR futurE (that I mentioned briefly here after the first stage submission: Summary of submitted proposals and next steps for the RezNet). We have a much smaller role there and weren’t involved that much in the overall writing process.

There is always space to improve some processes, so adding that as an objective for the upcoming months.


Thank you & congratulation @alberto, @marina & team! I am happy that I could help a little to return a bit to edgeryders. Indeed, it looks like a sign of quality (at least for the organisation) to deliver the proposal before the deadline. I never saw a correlation between ‘success in application’ and delivery-time ‘before deadline’. However, I guess there is a sweet optimal slot [*]. Best regards, Martin

[*] Using my ‘two thirds’ rule of thump & having 90 days to make the proposal, I would allocate 60+20+7+2 = 89 days. Have fun! :face_with_monocle:


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