New Reef partner? Faber community space in Timisoara

Our friends from Timisoara, some of whom are leading the edgeryders federated are opening a new community space called Faber in a former industrial building in one of the city’s neighborhoods. It was supposed to open this month, but it’s been postponed due to the corona crisis… Theirs will be a multi purpose space reuniting several groups of associates: creatives, architects, fablabbers.

(photos from Faber facebook page)

The good news is that they want to become part of the Reef network - namely to look into the (co-)organising the solarpunk expo in their space:
Why? it aligns well with their strategy to build a community around Faber which is solid on grounds of sustainable urban development, and fits their strategic development of the space+urban community around the opportunity of Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2121.

We agreed on two things, preliminary:

  1. that we would consider them as partners (especially for hosting) in a next application.

  2. that they will look into their own pipelines for funding.
    One stands out where they see a good fit: They are looking to apply for the funding call below - Norwegian grants traditionally funding a lot of sociocultural ngos in Romania - foreign aid kind of pipeline. The funding is between 15000 - 50000eur per project, no co-financing needed:
    Se prelungește suspendarea apelului pentru inițiative bilaterale „Timișoara Capitala Europeană a Culturii 2021” – Granturile SEE și norvegiene | Granturile SEE și Norvegiene 2014-2021 (right click for EN translation)
    The condition would be for one of the partners to be an organisation based in Norway/ Liechtenstein/ Iceland, because that’s where the fund is coming from. @hugi maybe you have some thoughts?

No action needed, and we would of course need to adapt / rewrite the project together, but that should be ok. We had a preliminary call, but they should know more next week.


Yes, I’m pretty sure that we could find a good fit on Norway or Iceland. One idea that springs to mind is if we could involve Værøy Lufthavn. I have been in conversations with them before. There is also Lunga in Iceland, as well as some spaces in Reykjavik. What sort of org. would be a good fit and what do they stand to gain from partnering?

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Very very cool. Bring them on!

Actually, Fondazione Comunità Messina is also considering being a partner. It is very exciting, they have already a live social co-housing experience at Fondo Saccà:

  • Four buildings
  • Built with wood and pressed hay (!)
  • Domotics to monitor air quality
  • Renewable energy produced locally and shared “according to social algos” by their “people’s energy company”.

ping @matthias



This is the time to page @Val.Muresan here… :slight_smile:
Valentin: this is the only preliminary due dilligence to make ahead of moving forward.
Is Bogdan also registered on the communities plaforms? Can you forward him the orgs Hugi mentions, so he can check tentatively if it could work for eligibility?

Hi Noemi,

Bogdan is joining now and will check this thread.


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Hi! I’m here. Will have a look on the proposed orgs and revert to you soon. Thank you!


It looks really really good.
I can see a lot of experience sharing happening as part of any new thing we go for in a multi partner constellation.

Hi @hugi we’ve been stalled because the calls have been pushed back with 2 months (covid). Now we’re working on a concept note page and with that we would be inviting another partner - so it would be Edgeryders, Faber, and a partner from a target country.

The purpose of these funding calls is to build cooperation and knowledge sharing between the donor country (the Iceland/Norway/Liechtenstein group) and recipient (Romania in this case), and broader as a whole.

If we are going to focus on collaborative work for greening an urban community space, than ideally this partner would be in charge with launching and disseminating a call for residents in that country to go to Timisoara and be part of a larger group of people who are prototyping solutions. In total we are looking att 6-8 ppl from abroad + as many local residents based in Timisoara). So the partner would have a quota of residents to send.

Let me get back to you next week, @Bogdan is now working on the first project description that will give an outline of the proposal.

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This is the invitation. @hugi can I ask you to send this outline forward?
The invitation is: would you like to join as partners in this project about technological and artistic interventions in an urban community space? You would be a sending organisation and dissemination partner alongside Edgeryders. The next step is to then have a meeting with @Bogdan,

EEA and Norway Grant for Timisoara 2021.pdf (63.6 KB)


@hugi gentle reminder in case you missed this, sozz <3

Yes, sorry it fell between the cracks. Do I just forward this to any relevant org I might think of in Norway and Iceland?

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yes, I think that will give us more chances!

super thanks,

Hey, I looked around but the spaces I know about don’t even know if they will exist down the line, so seem reluctant to make plans apparently. One of them has already closed.

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Ok thanks. I believe the next step is to do another separate search with @Bogdan for organisations in those countries.

Bogdan, when is the deadline for the proposal submission?

Hi. This call is on hold for now and we expect to be resumed at the end of this month. Nevertheless this is a call in the context of ECOC title that Timisoara will held in 2021, but most likely this will be postponed and then will impact also the call. Let’s wait and see and i’ll keep you updated when we will have clear info.
We are considering however a new call from same funding source on a cultural entrepreneurship support thread, and for this will send in the following days a summary and maybe will manage to find a partner in one of the funding states (Norway, Island, Lichtenstein).
Thank you

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hi @Bogdan, I’m doing a little research for a suitable organisation from those countries:

So far I’ve found this, do you know them/ have asked?

TOU | Trans Europe Halles -TOU is a prominent art and resource centre and one Norway’s biggest independent cultural institutions. TOU was established in 2001 in old brewery facilities that had been left abandoned for nearly two decades. Since opening the doors for the public in 2001, TOU has seen a remarkable growth in cultural and artistic production. With nearly 450 different annual events, they are a dynamic cultural arena in constant development.

Also these 3 got recommended by friends:

  1. La naturen gå i arv - Naturvernforbundet (we have a direct contact with the Bergen chapter via a friend, if we decide). In Norway. This is more an environmental organisation. They organize repair cafes, beach cleanups, and many events.

  2. Best fit I think with Edgeryders and Faber - dedicated to community climate smart solutions. Also more civic and environmental than cultural org in the traditional sense…

  3. The Fish Factory in Iceland - a creative center committed to sustainability and hosting art residencies About | Fish Factory

@Bogdan: does it have to be an arts organisation - for the purpose of the funder’s criteria?