New rules for bank account access (payments, etc.)


As you know, right now access to the bank account goes requires access to my Estonian ID card. No one else is acknowledged by LHV as an account user. This will soon change. Until it does, I am putting in place two boundaries to protect my peace of mind and ensure that I am the only person using my e-ID. I am asking everyone to please respect them. I will accommodate emergency situations.

  1. I am no longer comfortable with letting anyone else use my e-ID card. In the past, I have been: and @noemi, generously, took care of some admin work using it with my full consent. But now this needs to stop.

  2. I am not available to make payments at any time of the day or the week. I will use the bank account once a week, on Monday mornings. Do make your requests whenever you want, but they will be taken care of on the next Monday morning. If I am traveling on a Monday, I will try to reschedule. You might need to wait until the next Monday, though.

[@nadia @matthias @noemi @johncoate @anique.yael @hugi and all. :slight_smile: ]


Noted and thanks for the clarity @alberto - will keep this in mind for future budgeting.

Will this apply for current payments? IE. outstanding ones due for the end of August will only be paid this coming Monday 4th September or actually even later considering we are traveling to Oxford this Monday?


Understood, and makes perfect sense.

I should flag for that the project will periodically have quite a few invoices and purchases.
For example, for hackathons all travel expenses will be reimbursed, and individual developers will be invoicing regularly. It’s not a huge amount and spread quite evenly, but it’s likely to be between 30-50 individual payments over the coming year. I think the first of these will be in November.


The new regime starts next week. @noemi has agreed to make some payments today, I am not sure if you two have already spoken.

@hugi no problem. We will figure out a way that we can build a “queue for payments”. Actually, maybe No or @matthias have suggestions as to how this might happen, as part of our process reform. Dynalist looks like the most natural way to do it, to me at least.

This only concerns banking. The rest of the admin remains the province of the project leaders, subject to a formal commitment of the company (like a contract, for example). The whole idea is that all that stuff is decentralized: only banking remains centralized.

I am sorry to put pressure on the company, but it looks like it helps my partners to find the motivation to solve the bottleneck :slight_smile:


We already have both a Dynalist and process for that: Submitting a payment request, section 3.4. Subject to improvement of course, as always …




I’m just wondering if it’s necessary to let you know @alberto when we’ve uploaded expenses for reimbursement to FreeAgent or if you get notifications from the platform?

Eg. I uploaded two reimbursement requests on 1 September that are unpaid after two Monday payment cycles and think it would be worthwhile to get clear on the process for reimbursements if unlike other payments.



FreeAgent sends no e-mail notifications at all, and also we do not automatically assume that all invoices and expense claims registered in FreeAgent are due for immediate payment. (Sometimes, people want an invoice paid “next year”, and sometimes it is better to aggregate expense claims until people request a payment in order to save bank transaction costs.)

So the current process involves to notify the “bank account manager” (right now that’s @alberto), as document in Submitting a payment request, section 3.4… We can simplify that in the future once our automatic notifications from Dynalist work reliably, but for now that’s what we have.


Noted, thanks for the clarification :tophat: