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Hello, Edgeryders!

I am curious about potential interest of any of you in taking part in creating and running a new research journal currently in the making, on the topic of scientific self-experimentation with psychoactive substances.

We are a group of colleagues/friends working in chemistry, pharmacology, drug development, anthropology or legislation related to psychedelics, who saw a need for the space to publish analytically confirmed, peer-reviewed observations in this field, thus furthering and destigmatising the discussions surrounding the work itself and the broader public perception / societal integration.

Currently we are in search of interested people who’d be happy to join in with skills to create and maintain the interface for article submissions and editor-researcher communications, ideally securing full anonymity if so desired, and the public facing website. (All the work will be fully legal, but given the stigma, some researchers might wish to remain anonymous.) And I thought this project likely is in alignment with some individuals from Edgeryders community here.

Please let me know if it is or is not suitable to post this request openly on the forum, and which category/topic if yes. I will gladly move it there and write more.

Thank you for consideration.
Jitka Nykodemová,
on behalf of the rest the team.

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Reminded me of this: My Brain My Choice Initiative - Open Collective

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Oh, it’s totally OK to post openly. I think maybe @hugi would know someone interested?

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That would probably be quite circular. @jitka works at Blivande and probably found out about Edgeryders through me somehow (if not directly then probably by proxy), so whoever I might send her way would probably already be within her reach!

Maybe @jasen_lakic knows someone, I seem to remember he was reading Huxley last time we connected.


Thanks, @ivan, very much in line of own other efforts!

Not on topic, but related theme, someone might find it interesting…: Czech Republic, among broader changes along a “smart” or “rational regulation” approach to drug policies, is in the process of proposing a new legislative category of psychoactive substances (called “psychomodulatory”, where any substances not scheduled by international conventions can potentially be included; as long as those last, and they will sure be challenged later down the path), integrating the cognitive liberty concept - given substances should be available to adults under strict regulation (so similar to Swedish Systembolaget for alcohol). Groundbreaking, if passed, and a way for any other EU Member State to do the same (it already passed and was supported by the government and lower house of Parliament, now only Senate left, and then the European Commission would have to approve as part of a notification process).
If it does happen, we’d no doubt be delighted to expand these efforts beyond ČR, and dedicate time to more intense rational drug policy changes in collaboration with governments, persons and initiatives in other EU states or internationally. Like this group “my brain my choice” you linked. Noted!

Thanks, @alberto, for confirmation, and pinging Hugi.

True, found out about Edgeryders through someone from Blivande, years ago when first in Stockholm and having discovered Noden, Borderland, and alike, and yes likely you, @hugi, though I don’t remember exactly.

This post here is in fact the first open mention in these shared spheres/communities. So far we have reached rather to the specifically-themed internet projects like and PsychonautWiki, in touch with the Erowids… may collaborate, but haven’t found persons able, or having the time, to do what we are specifically seeking for.

Thank you for suggestion.

Welcome to get in touch or ask questions if it is indeed imaginably in your or anyone’s scope and liking.

A slight tangent, but there was this thread a few years back that touched on drug policies in Czechia:

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