New series: Meet the Edgeryder!

Every week we Shine Some Light on fabulous Edgeryders to tell the world about their amazing projects and help connect them with good people and ideas to take them to the next level. Do you have a project or challenge you would like us to highlight this way? Put it on the Edgeryders map! (see below)

Why Meet the Edgeryder? For our team, a challenge is not just to bring people to join and share their experience and world views at Edgeryders, but also bring the world closer to these experiences and react to them. This is part of the validation process in our analysis of youth transition, it is the way to see if strategies employed by some become alternatives for others, or if these alternatives can be scaled up to the point where they are viable solutions and should be key components in policy making. So think of this series as a way to have Edgeryders everywhere find one another and interact more, and to give credit where credit is due, for contributions to a better future for today’s young people.

Here’s how you too can be highlighted in the series and become Edgeryders news: It’s easy, you just send an email to describing your project in a personalized style. We’ll make sure it lands on the Map of Futurebuilders co-designed with our friends at Citizens in the Lab; we’ll host conversation around it on Edgeryders platform; plus the team will campaign so that your story gets the attention it deserves, making it possible for people interested in your work to get in touch.

Why join?

  • your project gets good PR
  • if your idea needs polishing or help of any sort, you can leverage the wisdom of crowds and maybe solve the challenge
  • you get to hook up with Edgeryders, build networks and even find collaborators for your project. How does this sound?

Here is the @Edgeryders and @CitizensLab Map of Future Builders, set up by the generous John F. Moore. Feel free to look up initiatives and interesting people nearby you by browsing categories in the upper right hand corner:

CommunityWalk Map - Citizens in The Lab